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Four families, four kids. What we have in common: the children we raise have moderate intellectual disability and autism. Our shared dream is to create a world for our children where they can live independently to the best of their abilities in a safe environment, while still constantly receiving support. From this dream, the Our World Foundation (Világom Alapítvány)was born, which aims to provide help to young people with intellectual disabilities and autism, at first in the form of a day care facility, and later on through setting up and maintaining a supported living service.
Short-term goals

Life long learning and development is just as important for people with autism as it is for anyone else in the job market, those who have the opportunity to constantly improve themselves to be able to safely navigate more and more aspects of life.

Providing autism-specific therapy for our children, even after they leave school is important to us, because this is the only way for them to be able to adopt the most independent lifestyle possible.

We want to support them in maintaining the many accomplishments they managed to achieve through years of hard work and with the help of their teachers and parents. In order to do this, our first goal is creating a day care facility where they can learn, improve and prepare for their adult life with the help of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in the field.

Long-term goals

The hardest part of parenthood is the realization that the time will come when we have to let go of our child’s hand. For those of us who raise autistic children, it’s no different. Knowing that they are going to depend on us for the rest of their lives makes the situation even more difficult. And when we aren’t around anymore, they are going to need someone, whom we can entrust with our most valuable treasure.

People with intellectual disabilities and autism need a protective environment and constant assistance to be able to lead a relatively independent life – this is what we want to give them by creating a supported living service, where they can live a peaceful, safe life, and their medical needs are met.

We all want our children to be able to live their own adult lives in their own community, while not having to cut ties with their families.
Above all, we are committed to provide opportunities for them that help them adapt to society, live the most independent adult life possible, prevail, and receive social approval.

About us

We met in 2015, that was the year when our children started first grade in a special school for children with moderate intellectual disabilities and autism in Budapest. Nearly eight years have passed since then.
In this time we have gone through a lot by ourselves and as a community too: we met special needs education teachers, volunteer helpers, parents who were in the same boat as us. But the most important thing was experiencing day-by-day the many challenges and duties that come with living with autism – similar to our children, who experience these things first-hand, while we only watch them from the outside.

Eight years have passed, and suddenly our children are teenagers. We all arrived to the same question: what was going to happen after their compulsory education was over and they couldn’t go to school anymore? In our conversations it became clear that we all think similarly of our kids’ futures.
We want them to stay close to the family, while still living independently in their own community, an environment that we could also picture ourselves or any other family member in. And if we could do that as a community, with the peers we know well , that would mean immeasurable support for them in overcoming the hurdles of adapting to a new environment and lifestyle.

The first step in the preparation process is a day care facility, where we can make sure that their autism-specific therapy continues, and that all the hard work put into their development by their teachers and parents pays off both short-term and long-term. Andwhen after a few years we find that the time has come for them to start their adult life away from their parents, we want to create a microcosm for them where they can keep living in their accustomed community, in constant contact with their families, safely and happily.


Support our work by making a donation, and as a regular donor you can do a lot to make our work sustainable so that we can help even more young people living with autism.

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